About The One Steel

Founded in 2006, The One Steel Project Sdn Bhd (TOS) is a ground-breaking exterior architectural design company situated in Malaysia. With state-of-the-art Semi-D factories located at the heart of Signature Industrial Park, Semenyih, TOS is the epicentre of innovation in architectural design.

Exceptional Workforce

TOS takes pride in its dedicated workforce of 60 highly skilled technicians, renowned for their meticulous craftsmanship, which has earned the unwavering trust of clients.

Core Pillars of Services

Execution Philosophy

TOS’s philosophy challenges conventional market perceptions by highlighting the abundance of unutilized outdoor spaces, including side gardens, balconies, backyards, and car porches. Her primary goal is to empower individuals with knowledge and advice, enabling them to create comfortable outdoor environments. TOS envisions that returning home should mean stepping into a unique oasis. This vision extends to transforming house exteriors into well-designed, practical spaces with a touch of resort-like elegance, creating unparalleled paradises for each household. TOS’s philosophy elevates these outdoor areas, infusing luxury, functionality, and aesthetics, resulting in timeless serenity and beauty.

Corporate Culture and Approach

TOS’s corporate culture is defined by their guiding mantra – “The 3Ds: We Direct, We Design, We Develop.” This comprehensive approach ensures that clients are led through the design journey, crafting their ideas into captivating blueprints, and ultimately bringing their visions to life.

Mission and Vision