Meet Joey Tan, founder and avant-garde of The One Steel Project.

At the helm of TOS is Ms. Joey Tan, the visionary founder and CEO, renowned as the “Iron Woman” and the first exterior architect specialist in Malaysia. With over a decade of experience, her profound expertise and innovative mindset have been pivotal in shaping TOS into a pioneering company.

According to Ms. Joey Tan, challenges and successes are the acid and salt that must be overcome throughout being an entrepreneur.

Under the her leadership , TOS is shaping Malaysia’s architectural landscape with innovative designs and exceptional craftsmanship.

TOS’s corporate culture is defined by their guiding mantra – “The 3Ds: We Direct, We Design, We Develop.” This comprehensive approach ensures that clients are led through the design journey, crafting their ideas into captivating blueprints, and ultimately bringing their visions to life.

Joey Tan, Founder of TOS

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